one odd night

ok for my friend it was not so funny but for me it was cause i just do not understand how she did this and if u can’t learn to laugh at the bad stuff then life would be unbearable and it wasn’t so bad after all or in the end my friend came out to see me and get the clothes of kiras that she keep at her house yes if she buys it for u it stays at her house but the last time kira stayed out at her house she was bad at church so i made her come home and my sister didn’t have tome to wait for kira to change back into the clothes i sent her in so she had to come home in the clothes my friend had her in at church so she came out to get them back well some how she mist my drive way and it is very snowy out there i have none to come and dig me out of my driveway out here so if u come in a small car u will get stuck and she know that but came anyway and yes not only somehow mist my driveway went into the ditch but got stuck there so we had to go to another persons house and ask for help she got it out but wow what a mess


About ghosttalktellmeyourstory

a soon to be 44 year old in april i have a soon to be 7 year old in may i became a widow in sept of 20012 we are christians but i don't go for that all spirits are demons or angel stuff we have 5 cats 1 dog 1 african dwarf frog and some ram horn snails we live in ohio out in the country bettween to towns love the lord my daughter kira all our pets baking cookies watching ghost hunting shows movie of most kinds
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