up date

not much going one right now my sister is coming over tomorrow to pant the kitchen kira is going with my friend to church and to the airportImage museum in urbana she has been better at school but still acting out here so higher they upped her med so maybe after she gets that she will be better for a while the lights fiickerd tonight no bad weather no bad blab not sure what that means i have been sick sinus thing doing better now my sister gave me a valientimes gift i got some nice flowers and hair die i been wanting and i feel much better it’s dark brownish red now will send picks when i get them in the com.

About ghosttalktellmeyourstory

a soon to be 44 year old in april i have a soon to be 7 year old in may i became a widow in sept of 20012 we are christians but i don't go for that all spirits are demons or angel stuff we have 5 cats 1 dog 1 african dwarf frog and some ram horn snails we live in ohio out in the country bettween to towns love the lord my daughter kira all our pets baking cookies watching ghost hunting shows movie of most kinds
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