my drop down into hell and back out again part 2 the spirit encounter

well that night he was being tested for him being brain dead so they can pull the pulgs on him i get the call that we are to come back he is brain dead and they have pulled the plugs at this same time just before i call my sister to come over and get me and kira they hear while watching tv and they hear it over the tv let go let go twice when i call they new i was going to call and told me what happend we think he was saying the let me go the next few days he was very visual and vocal one day my sister was out in the garage looking for a table or something to use to put a tv on for my daughter in her room we had started to clean out the house and start the remadle and she saw a little table out there thinking to herself thats a nice table in her head at that moment she heard a male voice say i made that ok she brings the table in i start to cry about to tell her that he made that table and she says before i can say anything he made this didn’t he i say with mouth hanging open yes how did u know that he told me and she told me what happend in the garage then another day i was making dinner for me and kira had been very sad crying every night not sleeping much feeling like did he even love us to do this and like i said i was making dinner turned to put food in the microwave and he was sitting in the chair nearest my daughter at the table slightly with his head down kinda see through i just blink in shock to see him i think he knew i saw him and bleeped out i just said hi hun we love u kira looks at me like what who are u talking to i told her and she said hi dad love u latter that same night again not sleeping now it was a cold night heat was on no windows open i feel a light breeze go over my hand on kira we sleept together the first few month neather wanting to be alone the breeze movieing over that hand to the other side of me and over my face i’m thinking and looking for the cause and then it hits me it kinda feels like a hug for me and kira and a kiss as well for me then it just stoped like it had never been there i just cryed in joy thinking he is telling me i do still love u both then one day just before my sister was to go back to work she was over working on getting rid of our living room boarder trim so we could pant the room and she was also on her cell talking to her husband and talking to me to i was sitting in a chair in the living room kira in her bedroom i saw her jump and gasp a bit cause she was on a ladder at the time she says oh my u scared me don’t do that please looks at me and ponts to waite i will tell u in a bit cause i was looking at her like what what is freeking u out to say that she stops talking to her husband and tells me that she saw my husband by the hall edge and the edge of the living room peeking up at her watching or looking at what she is doing like he just wonderd what she was doing watching the remodle going on and when he new she saw him blepped out again i thinking just cause we can’t see him didn’t mean he was gone so i say hi hun what do u think so far and love u so far that has been all we have heard or saw but i still think he is here watching over us


About ghosttalktellmeyourstory

a soon to be 44 year old in april i have a soon to be 7 year old in may i became a widow in sept of 20012 we are christians but i don't go for that all spirits are demons or angel stuff we have 5 cats 1 dog 1 african dwarf frog and some ram horn snails we live in ohio out in the country bettween to towns love the lord my daughter kira all our pets baking cookies watching ghost hunting shows movie of most kinds
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