my bad few days this week

i decide to add more about me than just the ghost or spirits stuff it’s been hard sence i lost my husband i got to thinking maybe this could also help me to cope with all that is going on around me well this week started ok but soon went bad sadly it sarted good then as i was taking my nape normaly i put kira on the bus and as she is getting ready for school do my chores and i do some chores before bed as well so after she gets on the bus it’s me time so i take a nape well like i said i was napeing and i get a call it’s the school u got to come get kira she is in trouble again she has hurt 56 kids in 4 days of school this week she is to come home now and not be back till fri she is supended from school at six years old i’ m just livied now ok i will try and get some one to come and get her that is hard cause i can not drive yet they got to teach me this spring or summer then i got to get my licence then a car so it will be a while so i depend on others to help with ride for now and most are working at this time but i finely find someone to go get her and bring her home she is gronded and i have a dr. apont the next day that mean i had to take her with me well caresorse takes me and her to the dr. i get out at about 11ish and we wait till about 2 for the ride yeah a kid with adhd board in a cold hall waiting that long for a ride she wasn’t to bad but i was starting to get low blood sugar by now and worrying about passing out and when they finely came we had to stop and drop someone off at there drs. first before going home and urbana is the backwards way home yeah so by now i’m shaking scarring kira so we get home let the dog out take coats off keys up stuff away and i get a sugar reading fast and make dinner cause it is to late for lunch we mist it and my sugar was very low like 80 to 90 ish i was so shakey while making dinner but we thanks to the lord through the day oh yeah and this guy in the car was cussing about being late and i was thinking oh yeah u didn’t wait like i and kira did he was cussing the driver and he told him quite it or he would let him out then when he got out his pants droped to his crack or thats what kira said cause i could see where this was going and turned my head fast and as i was doing this i was thinking oh god please let kira not say anything like i see your butt she would do that she just looked at me with shock lol prayer awsnerd thanks because i was thinking if she says somethng and he cusses her out i will be like well pull up your pants or get a belt don’t talk to my kid like that and u don’t be rude we don’t talk like that to strangers but thankfuly she seemed to know that but say sometime just what they are thinking out loud and i was worred she would lol. i see your butt lol



About ghosttalktellmeyourstory

a soon to be 44 year old in april i have a soon to be 7 year old in may i became a widow in sept of 20012 we are christians but i don't go for that all spirits are demons or angel stuff we have 5 cats 1 dog 1 african dwarf frog and some ram horn snails we live in ohio out in the country bettween to towns love the lord my daughter kira all our pets baking cookies watching ghost hunting shows movie of most kinds
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2 Responses to my bad few days this week

  1. Did Kira start hurting other children after her father died? She witnessed his violent death and that is very traumatizing for a young child. She may need to work out her feelings of anger with a child psychologist.

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