my drop down into hell and back out again part one

it started one nice day that turned into the worst day of mine and my six year old daughter kiras life we got up at six to start are day getting kira ready for school me getting ready to take my diabetic shot her eating breakfast my husband says to me can u find my clothes i want to take a shower i say to him sorry but i can’t getting ready to take my shot and getting kira ready for school so he goes back and finds is own stuff for the shower it is about 6 : 30 now and he starts to go into the bathroom to take his shower and we joke with him on that cause he is bipolar and his med has stopped working and he hates showers he fears them but if i ask him to take one he will and i did the a few days before this so i just thought he was doing what i asked him to do but i was wrong a few seconds after we were just joking  we hear a big pop it sounded like a light blab busting i say what was that are u ok and he didn’t say anything so i say hun are u ok he still didn’t say any thing so i get up and start to go check on him and kira fallows me i open the door to the bathroom and he is in there with blood all over his neck , chest  blood comeing out his nose i get down on my knees and get a towel to try and help him talking to him hun what happend please talk to me his eyes are closed i think i got to get 911 and kira is crying i go to get the phone and it is not working yet again mental note change phone provider this is gone to far with my phone out again . looking around i say kira wheres my cell phone angry and upset at the things happening right then so find the cell and call 911 am talking to her telling her i don’t know what has happened but he is covered in blood run back to him his head must have lay-ed differently from what it was when i moved his head looking to help him his teeth are also covered in blood but i see the hole in his head look around and now see the gun in the shower near him as well and i scream in the 911 lady’s ear he shot himself in the head oh god he shot himself in head she tries to clam me down to talk to me and i  think he is most likely dead so i say to the 911 lady i got to get my daughter out of here she is still crying she says ok but stay on the phone with me till the ambulance comes i say ok ok we go to the next doors home and wait i’m thinking got to call friends family oh god will we lose our home and pets oh god what am i going to do without him how could he do this to us and why why also with kira here i find out when they get there that he is not dead false hope for both of us cause when i get to the hospital we find out he is only alive because of life support so friends and me know he would not want life support try and get it taken off his family is all passed away so they tell me i can’t cause u have to have a test done on him before they can do that u have to give him a test to see if he is brain dead or not if so they can take him off life support but other wise not at lest 24 hours so we say give him the test and they did it took all day most of the night to do this test and he was brain dead so i lost my husband i a mere moments in time that day in shock worry for my future and kiras  but with meany prayers and help from the lord through our church my family that i have reconnected with after so meany years of not being near them and strangers helping us through the lord we got to keep our home and pets we will be ok but in the first few weeks to a few month after ghostly things happened to us and in part 2 i will tell u the rest of the story on what ghostly things happened to me kira and my family .


About ghosttalktellmeyourstory

a soon to be 44 year old in april i have a soon to be 7 year old in may i became a widow in sept of 20012 we are christians but i don't go for that all spirits are demons or angel stuff we have 5 cats 1 dog 1 african dwarf frog and some ram horn snails we live in ohio out in the country bettween to towns love the lord my daughter kira all our pets baking cookies watching ghost hunting shows movie of most kinds
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